Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pop the Question With Creativity: by Julie Johnson

How did you say, “Will you marry me? to your sweetheart? Probably it was not as unique as some of these ways. But if you are waiting for the right moment and right way, maybe these will give you some creative ideas! Nearly all of these are within reach of the average couple.

If you like extreme sports, sky’s the limit for ideas. A couple who liked skiing reached the mountain summit. Just as they were ready to begin, he proposed and she accepted. What a double rush they both experienced! A skydiving couple was engaged through a hidden sign and a nod as they sped toward the ground.

A TV game show winner suddenly turned to the audience and proposed to his girlfriend. What could she do but accept under such circumstances. Another fellow arranged with a movie theater to help him. At the end of the movie the couple was attending, a message flashed across the scream, “Angela, will you marry me? –Bruce Everyone clapped and, of course, after recovering from the shock, she affirmed his wishes.

One creative fellow got his neighbors to help. At a preset time, they flashed their lights off and on spelling out the proposal in code. A girl thought her sweetheart was busy miles away. She attended a preplanned scavenger hunt. The last item on her list led her to where he was hiding and, surprise, he proposed.

Not afraid to reverse roles, one girl didn’t want to wait any longer. So when they were on a date, she said, “Darling, you know if you would ask me to marry you, I’d say yes in a minute!. If that’s not your feminine style, a few hints won’t hurt like, “If you need to borrow money for anything, like, maybe, an engagement ring, I’d be able to help you ou or “Let’s predict where we’ll be living next year as a married couple

George took his honey out to eat at a plush restaurant. The environment was perfect for a proposal but he said nothing about it during the whole meal. Finally when they were ready to leave, he asked for the check. To her shock a beautiful ring was on the bill tray. He took it, slipped it on her finger and proposed.

A creative man bought a book of love poems. After the few pages, he glued the rest together, then cut a heart shaped hole in the stack. She read the first poems, then turned the page only to find herself face to face with an engagement ring! Allowing time for shock to set in, he then took it and asked her the big question!

Use of the media is particularly effective. How about taking out a full page ad in a paper you are sure she will read. When she turned the page and read it, he had the ring right there. The ad provides a very romantic souvenir of the day.

Speaking of media, a man rented a billboard along a route he knew his girl would travel, and paid for the proposal to be displayed on it. If you can be in the car with her, have the ring handy; if not, try timing a call to her cell phone as she passes the display. You might even be standing by the road, pointing at it with a ring box in the other hand!

Here are some ideas that include an airplane. Have a firm sky write your proposal in the sky over an area where she will be A more permanent version of this would be to hire a company to make and display a banner ad to fly over an event they are attending or beach where they are relaxing. If possible, as she reads it, be handy with the ring.

Marriage is an important step in life and should be entered with much thought. But that doesn’t mean you cannot be creative in the way you ask her to join you for life. Why not do it in a memorable way?

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