Saturday, November 14, 2009

Proposing Marriage at Christmas is Old Hat – What About Thanksgiving?: by Lawrence Reaves

One man related the tale of how he proposed on Christmas Day and arranged the marriage for New Years Day – “How romantic!”, you hear people claim, but the real reason was because he had a terrible memory for dates and was already in annual trouble for forgetting his other half’s birthday. Not wishing to forget their wedding anniversary, he made sure it was held on a memorable date so he’d never forget!

Perhaps this is one reason why Christmas and New Year proposals and wedding dates are so popular today. The romanticism of New Year’s is obvious with the clock winding down for midnight and emotions and expectations running so high for the New Year. Christmas is just as bad with all that mistletoe hanging around just waiting for opportunists to launch a romantic ambush.

This said, using your imagination is vitally important in any relationship and especially marriage! It pays to exercise some creativity when you are considering a proposal because not only do you want it to be memorable for both of you, but you also want to stand out from the crowd.

If everyone else is getting swept away with Yuletide spirits, that leaves the rest of the year open for something much more unique and therefore, more special. Using other dates to propose, wed or celebrate also makes life much less expensive; it stands to plain reason that you will be able to hire a venue at much reduced rates outside of December when company and family parties are booking everything hotel, restaurant and club in sight which raises the price. The same can be said for any other marriage related activity as it is one of the most busy times of the year all round.

Thanksgiving is soon to be upon us and is a time when most American families get together; indeed, many families only get together in such an intimate fashion at this time of year with other, extended family commitments pulling many people away from their own blood relations. If you want to make your proposal or celebrate nuptials in front of the entire family, this is one of the best dates to get down on one knee or walk down the aisle.

Catering and venue availability is also going to be much more likely to be available giving you a wider choice and a reduced cost. As you are booking outside of the busy December period you can expect to get much more for your wedding budget. Thanksgiving is a popular American holiday but it does not dominate the year the way Christmas and New Years does. Planning your wedding or engagement celebration at this time of the year means it is unlikely to get lost in the whirl of social calendar events that are marked in all over December for most people.

There is also the simple reality that for many people, Christmas and New Years is a time when they want to be with their family, especially if they have children. Putting a major event, such as a wedding, onto already busy and committed friends and family members may actually mean that your Christmas nuptials are not attended by as many of your close friends and family as you may have hoped for. Thanksgiving gives as many people as possible the opportunity for them to attend without the sacrifice but with the cost savings you are likely to benefit from, you will have the budget to cater for them too.

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